Refund Policy


All our products and services are non-refundable at all unless stated in the product description where customer can provide a photo/screenshot along with a proof of the date when it was taken. In case you may face any issue with any of our services, contact our support to fix your issue and if License Web Host team can not fix your issue we will issue a refund as a credit in your account. Setup fee will not be taken into consideration as is just setup fee and is non-refundable in any circumstances. No refunds for all order mistakes.


As an important part of our value chain, we offer an “x” days return/refund policy for our goods, products and services. However, please bear in mind that this only applies to the ones listed on its package details which delivery freight goods, freebies, licenses, setup fees and etc. shall be charged according to its retail price available at service, as well as to self-managed hosting services such as VPS, Dedicated servers and custom services are not included but can be negotiated not more than 50% of its cost unless stated and can be proven in public, an image of screenshot along with its date, otherwise – we will not honour any return/refund.

For return instructions, please contact our Customer Service at

The customer can pay to License Web Host the service fees for the assistance in the way established in the Purchase Form or else it will be automatically deducted within the account a return/refund is addressed.

License Web Host may boost the Service Fees (i) in the way permitted in the service explanation and (ii) anytime upon or after the expiration of the original Term.

The ongoing service fees do not include any applicable sales, use, income, excise or other fees imposed by any challenging authority with regards to the Services or any type of software provided hereunder (excluding any tax on License Web Host’s net gain). All this kind of fees will be put into License Web Host’s invoices for the charges as individual charges charged to Customer. All fees will be completely earned when credited and nonrefundable when paid out.

Unless specified otherwise, all applicable fees and related charges will be credited and payable within 30 days following the day of the invoice. If any kind of invoice is not paid out after the day of the bill, License Web Host may charge Customer a past due amounting not less than 10% of the total due and shall have the right to suspend/terminate or perhaps withhold services to any related account or project until the payment has been resolved.

If Firm gathers any payment because of at regulation or via an attorney at legislation or perhaps under advice therefrom or perhaps through a series agency, or if License Web Host prevails in virtually any action to that your Customer and Company are celebrations, Customer can pay all costs of collection, litigation and arbitration, including, without restriction, all courtroom costs and License Web Host’s reasonable attorneys’ fees.

If virtually any check is returned intended for insufficient money License Web Host might impose the very least control demand of $25.00.

There could be the very least $50.00 charge to reinstate accounts which have been suspended or terminated.

Wire exchanges will be assessed the very least $35.

There could be the very least $35.00 charge to for all those credit card chargebacks.

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that License Web Host may pre-charge Client’s fees for the assistance to the credit card given by Client during sign up for the original Term.

A rate not less than 20% will be deducted from your refund to cover the costs of handling fee apart from all non-refundable fees.

In summary, License Web Host processes refunds on business days within 30 days straight to the client’s credit funds within its website or else 90 days straight to the client’s PayPal/Credit Card or Payoneer account (less: services + gateway & 20% handling fees). A client/customer must reach out to file the return/refund request during the valid period and follow up on the scheduled date to fulfil the transfer.

To contact our Customer Service, submit a ticket at or in your client area.


In case of any chargeback without contacting us first we will issue you a bill (will be passed to a recovery agency on your country) depending on the amount trying to chargeback and we will add your details as server IPs, contact details, and etc. in all service industry blacklist database so you will not use or scam any other provider ever again further.


Do you offer exchanges?

Yes, within seven (7) days of receiving your request, you may exchange it for a product of equal or lesser value; we will refund you the difference for lower-priced items in your credits within your account with us and bill you for the difference for a higher-priced product. Please take note that services such as any System licenses, VPS or Dedicated Servers, Website Design and Virtual Assistance do not apply to this matter but only limited to our Hosting Packages.

I bought the wrong product. What do I do?

We ask all customers to check your original orders and compare your product against the website. If you believe you received the wrong product, please contact us within seven refundable days period so we can work with you to correct the issue.

How do I know License Web Host has received my return?

We will send you an email confirming receipt of your return. Your refund will reach you approximately three (30) days within your credit account with us and straight to your PayPal on the 90th day after your refund request confirmation email on our support desk or via a response when emailing us at

If you have not received an email within two weeks of the date you made your return to us, please contact Customer Service with your order so we can assist you.

How long does processing returns take?

Once we receive your email requesting the return, we will email you instructions about how the procedure. Once everything is set, we will process your refund within 24 hours on business days and send you a notification to the email address you provided with your transaction and status. Expect the refund to be reflected into your credit funds within your account with us after thirty (30) days or on your credit card or PayPal account up to 90 days after that point or sometimes it varies depending on your gateway chosen and your bank. We always suggest to only use PayPal or Payoneer accounts for refund processing if possible whichever if beneficial to both ends.


Please take note that any returning fees or taxes may occur at the Customer’s responsibility unless proven the cause of trouble has occurred by License Web Host’s own act. And any amount for transaction fees such as a gateway or bank fees will be deducted from your refund amount.


If you have any questions about this whole Terms of Agreement, please contact us:

  • via Email:
  • via Help Desk at
  • via your Client Area at (goto Support Tab)
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